About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am a contract developer based in Birmingham, Alabama specializing in web technologies for internal and external use. I also have a background in software project management and development in the manufacturing, health care, transportation, mining and service industries designing and building various data driven solutions both platform specific applications and web based ones.

Some of my more interesting projects in the past have been a transportation load booking system, a mine CO2 monitoring system, a boat manufacturer customer product progress solution, and a manufacturer automated warehouse delivery and monitoring system just to name a few using technologies such as C++ Visual Basic, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby with various frameworks such as Rails.

These days I mostly work on smaller projects that are made up of various data driven intra/internet applications and public websites using PHP, Ruby on Rails, Ruby with Sinatra, and VB.NET.

One thing that sets me apart from most contract developers is I do value based pricing. That means I don't do an hourly rate but give a client a fixed cost once the deliverables are agreed upon. This shares the risk with the client making them a happy long term returning customer when their project is delivered within budget.

If you are interesting in discussing hiring me for a project, you can contact me by clicking on Contact on the blog menu.

Thank you for your interest,
Mike Chilson